Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Info on the Challenges

Since there has been some confusion with the challenges Jacki and I thought we should clarify.

There are 3 challenges dealing with number of books read in 2009. They are: 25 books, 50 books and 100 books. If you want to do one of these all you have to do is pick which one you want to do, start reading, and keep track of your books however you want (goodreads, a spreadsheet, whatever). There will be some checkins on the board to see how everyone is doing. Feel free to add the graphics to your siggy as well.
One thing that has been asked a lot is whether re-reading a book counts. This is the decision of the board: if it is the first time you have re-read the book this year it counts, anything more than that does not. Other than a multiple re-read this year any book that you read counts toward these challenges. The point of these challenges is to simply encourage us all to read, not dictate what we read. We want everyone to have fun!

The other challenge is the Winter Book Challenge. You can find the information for that in the book challenge blog, the link for that is on the right of this page (scroll down).

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