Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lord of the Rings Read-Along!

Everyone is welcome to join this read-along, first time readers of the series, and people that have read it 50 times! I've never read it, I've always meant too, and I'm so glad to read it as a read-along.  

We'll start with The Hobbit, although if you don't want to read that one, feel free to join us 2 weeks later when we get started on The Fellowship of the Ring.

Here are the discussion dates for the books:

June 29th: The Hobbit
July 13th: The Fellowship of the Ring
July 27th: The Two Towers
August 10th: The Return of the King

Discussions will take place just like the standard NBC discussions, with open forum.  Feel free to ask questions, make comments, start posts, the whole sha-bang.

I'm looking forward to reading these together! 


Bethany Thompson said...

I wanna play! I've been meaning to read the LOTR series anyways. How do I get to this forum? Will it be on the Nest Book Club page as a thread? What time do the discussions start? Thanks!!

JackiLewis said...

The forum is

The discussions will be on those dates all through out the day. Often discussions will bleed over into the next couple of days as well. Feel free to come participate!

everam01 said...

I'm in! I have never read these books OR watched the movies.