Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All info on Spring Book Challenge

General SBC Info

Here is the link to the completed spreadsheet. This includes all 25 point challenges: SpringBC Master 2009

The 25 point challenges were all created by the 5 winners of the Winter Book Challenge. To find out who made up which challenge, follow this link. Feel free to send them PMs or messages on the NBC to ask any questions you may have about their tasks.
We have our 5 -25 point tasks

Here is the graphic to put in your siggy. How to put a graphic in your siggy is on the lower right of this page.

Task Specific Info

Task: Book/Related Music
You can enter a book or a band and it will give you suggestions.
: : Artists for Literacy - Projects : :

Task: Book by gay/lesbian author or with gay/lesbian main character
A really nice list of books that fit perfectly into this category.
Lambda Literary Foundation :: LL Awards :: Current Finalists

Task: Read a book that was released the year you were born
Actually, there are a couple sites to help you out with that one. Here ya go:
Category:1984 books

(You can change the year once you follow the link.)

New York Times Best Seller List

RevJen is our Official SBC researcher. If you have any further questions, drop her a line and she will help you find something incredible to read!

Task: Read a book that is being made into a movie coming out in 2009
Just to clear up some confusion. The book that you read for the category of book being released as a movie can be any book/movie coming out in 2009. So for example Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will work, even though that doesn't actually come out until July (perfect for those doing the HP read along as well).Here is a post that talks about this and includes a list of movies based on books that are coming out this year.http://community.thenest.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/13286028.aspx

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